Lavar Ball is the Greatest PR Man of Our Generation

Much like many aspects of the world we live in, there is tons of polarity when it comes to the man who claims to be able to beat MJ 1 v. 1 (Lavar Ball the GOAT). But regardless of if you think he is either a #1 Dad or overbearing apache¬†helicopter parent you have to respect the man’s ability to PR his ass off.

Do I ever believe a word that comes out of Lavar’s mouth? Yes (he could probably beat MJ).¬†But other than one of the boldest predictions of all-time? No. This is a guy that I think knows¬†exactly¬†what he is doing. Say outrageous shit and the masses will eat it up like a¬†twenty piece nugget on a 3am run to McDonalds.

But Pat if you feel that way why are you adding fuel to the fire by writing about him?

Because I respect the hell out of a guy that despite so much hate on him continues to give the people what they want. It’s not like him saying “LeBron will be nothing without Lonzo” is hurting anyone (except maybe LeBron’s liver- wine night here we come!). So who cares if he is intentionally looney tunes? I don’t.

If I learned one thing in Journalism class 1st semester (up and coming big J journo) it is that we must recognize our biases. If you couldn’t already tell I am one of the biggest fans of BBB in the nation.

Big Baller Brand’s target demographic

How much did you pay for that shirt you fucking moron?

If you have to ask…you can’t afford it!*


*- $49.99 plus shipping and handling