Is Daniel Jones Who We Thought Baker Was Going to be?

By Jake Sockett  Twitter: @SockettJake

I’ve never been one to shy away from being wrong.

Did I predict the Bears to win the NFC North because Mitchell Trubisky was going to take the step this year? Yeah. Has he made me look dumb so far? Yes. Did I say Baker was going to win the MVP this year? Yeah, I did. Has he made me look like a jackass so far? Also, yes. Most importantly, I deeply regret my prediction that Freddie Kitchens would win COTY. That one I’m just sorry about.

I think that there’s still a good chance I’m right about my divisional picks, but I’m fairly sure that my MVP and COTY picks are far from what will actually happen. Kitchens and Mayfield have looked bad so far this year. You gotta win, people forget that.

Speaking of winning, you know who did a pretty good job of it? Daniel Stephen Jones, third of his name, King of the Giants and the Blue Devils, Lord of the NFC East, and Protector of the Pigskin (he’s working on that last part).

I am alllllll the way in on Daniel Jones and I don’t care who knows it. I know it’s been one week, I know it’s the Buccaneers, but Daniel Jones has made a fan out of me. He made some great throws into some great coverage and you could really see that the offense was reinvigorated by having him under center. On his first rushing touchdown, Jones allegedly got into the huddle and said, “let’s go fucking score,” which was the first time many of his teammates heard him curse. I love it.

He came out in the second half with a 75-yard touchdown pass to Evan Engram, and followed that drive up with another passing touchdown that included a 46-yard connection with Darius Slayton. That 75-yarder was mostly due to Engram’s legs and some great downfield blocking, but considering how many quarterbacks in the league don’t even see their open receivers, (shout out Mitchell Trubisky), Jones shouldn’t lose credit for hitting the open man. He finished with over 300 yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, and a passer rating of 112.7. Get this guy a real defense and he might take you somewhere.

This leads me back to my title. Is Daniel Jones who we all thought Baker would be? Baker is a vastly bigger personality, but he hasn’t backed up any of the talk he’s been making. He keeps making this narrative for the Browns that they’re being doubted and that they’re the underdogs, but he’s not taking any accountability. Of course people are going to doubt you when you’ve thrown five picks in three weeks and have an average passer rating of 70.5. The only win his team has is against the Jets when he eked out 300 yards on 35 passing attempts.

Their teams have the same record, and as we know, you’ve gotta win. Baker is now 1-6 in his career against teams with winning records. Daniel Jones just led the Giants to their biggest comeback win in 49 years- just saying.

If you weren’t big on Daniel Jones; you should be.


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