Honest Answers

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I love honesty.

But it seems to me that the value should be put on the ESOC list (endangered species of communication)

It’s a big part of the reason I made a video the other day making fun of conversations that go a little something like this:

How are you doing today?”

“Good- How are you?”


It’s not the small talk aspect that bothers me because nobody should be above asking another person something as simple as how their day is going. What annoys me is that oftentimes the conversation should go something a little more like this:

“How are you doing today?”

“Pretty damn mediocre. I’m being forced into a geology class to satisfy my physical science general education requirement which is bad enough (how long can one really stay interested in rocks?) but then there were two guys behind me talking about who to take in their 8-team fantasy football keeper league draft later that night. Sounds innocent enough, right? NO! They weren’t even committing an act of courteous disrespect like whispering under their breath or letting out long exasperated sighs every thirty-seven seconds. They were having a full-fledged conversation mere inches behind me! Like, I understand that they aren’t interested in the class but guess what- nobody else is either (except a rare breed of nerd) so for them to have the audacity to disrupt a class that provides the entertainment equivalent of…well…looking at rocks- then I think they deserve to suffer long, painful, deaths! How are you?

Uhhh, good?

Listen, I understand that you don’t always want to dish out every minuscule detail into how you are doing that day but I’m convinced a little piece of me dies every time I have a “good, hbu…good” conversation. Yes, it’s the polite thing to do but man does it feel shallow sometimes. Is it too much to ask that people use those full sentences you learn about in first grade to have a legitimate talk?

Maybe I’m just a little too sensitive or too big of an asshole.

But at least I’m not just “good”.



This piece was inspired by my history discussion today where the TA said to go around the room and say an interesting fact about your hometown before adding “Someone in my last class said they have two Dunkin’ Donuts in their town”

Naturally 95% of the class proceeded to let everyone know how many DDs were in their town until it was the last person’s turn:

“There’s a lot of crackheads in my hometown”

I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re on TikTok.


Alright, that’s my last TikTok reference for a bit (and crackheads for that matter too)

P.S.S.S- My fact was that my high school is the only one in America with a bar on campus #StayClassy

P.S.S.S.S- Have a great weekend.




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