Should You Shoutout An Account Like This (the answer may surprise you)


While scrolling mindlessly through the app created to show only the best sides of ourselves I stumbled across this page being shouted out by some people I know.

Just the bio itself is LOADED with information so here were my first takeaways:

-The all caps of “HELP!” as the picture in the story is a beautiful attention getter.

-Then we get hit with the sad news that this person’s father has apparently been diagnosed with lung cancer

-Then we find out that if we can get this poor soul 1 million (*Dr. Evil voice*) likes and follows then his father will be saved! (Thank god for modern medicine, am I right?)

At this point I was hooked and needed more information so I moved onward into the page’s first post:

smoking 2


-Wake up calls come in all shapes and forms (and I know this may be a stretch) but I think getting diagnosed with lung cancer might be a good incentive to quit putting toxic chemicals into said lungs.

-“To stop smoking is hard” (How can someone say something so controversial yet so brave?)

-Regarding the quote “I think that’s gonna be hard” I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t beg one question. What’s harder; getting 1 million follows and likes on Instagram or quitting smoking?

My take on the matter is that I think I could get 1 million followers and likes fairly easy so long as I have an indispensable amount of internet “influencers” at my disposal or a cunning ability to prey on people’s emotions to gain mass amounts of fame. Everyone knows only cool people smoke cigs so I can see the hesitation to want to quit on that end.

In all seriousness, I tend to believe in my cynical heart that this page is fake and the reasoning for that is because it is not hard to create a fake message as seen by exhibit A:


And if on the slim chance the page is real? Tell your dad to quit smoking for his kids and family’s sake not your stupid Instagram clout.






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