Social Media Is Not Evil

I want to make one viewpoint of mine abundantly clear:

Social media is not evil.

It seems like every single time any issue is brought up, some genius is quick to place the blame solely on our dear friend social media.

That’s like blaming your virtual Tom Brady for throwing an interception in the Madden NFL video games.

The problem is not social media.

It’s you.

I’m going to use Instagram for our example today but this thought process applies to all the other major forms out there as well.

If you’re a dude with over 1,000 followers like me then posting a picture of you with a funny caption is almost sure to yield hundreds of likes . (I know- I’m a big deal!)

And if you’re a girl- do I really have to say what pictures get the most likes?

No likes? No relevance.

It’s time for our first question:

What if there were no likes?

Pat, what do you mean no likes? That’s literally the whole point of the app! Stop trying to be woke and go back to writing about shitty UMass football.

I think the reason people hate the idea of no likes is because a change like that would mean that that the only point in sharing something would be to provide benefit to your followers. (Unless you’re attractive- trust me the horny folks will stick around no matter what)

If Instagram won’t get rid of likes then I think they should at least change the name to something more applicable:


I think most people have heard something along the lines of “Instagram is just a snapshot of real life”

I’d say it’s more like one pixel.

For this reason, I’m fascinated by the world of finstas. (Which for any boomers or non-internet savants translates to “Fake Insta”)

Has anyone else noticed that…


Let’s call a spade a spade; creating a finsta is the safe way to use Instagram how you wish you could use it.

My message to anyone with a finsta? You just don’t have the guts to call it quits.

I’m not shooting from the hip here. I’m saying these things because I played the game myself for such a long time. I created the “NNNN” account so I could put out pieces of content that I believed in but knew wouldn’t get any likes on my personal page.

The likes mattered to me. It’s embarrassing- but they did.

Something tells me that I’m not the only one who feels this way. I think there are people with real talents getting left behind because they weren’t the most popular kid in high school or they don’t have a rocking body. Frankly? It pisses me off.


Because likes are meaningless.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow because it has taken me years to finally force it down my throat.

But I’m positive- they’re meaningless.

  1. They don’t mean you’re better than those with no likes.
  2. They won’t make you a better person.
  3. And they certainly won’t make you feel any better about yourself for longer than the instant gratification of that day’s post.

They’ll just make you crave more.

I remember when I first got 100 likes on a post I couldn’t believe it.

I thought to myself:

“My life really is a movie!”

I still think all our lives are movies; they’re just not box office smash hits.

They’re more like a low budget indie film doing its best to get made.

This isn’t a bad thing in my eyes.

Just because something is popular doesn’t make it good. 

The last thing I want to hit on quickly is when people announce to their followers that they are “taking a break” from social media.

Doesn’t that itself represent the problem?

You decide that looking at what hundreds/thousands of people you barely know are doing is bad for you.

So, what do you decide to do?

Tell all these people you barely know that you are taking a break from social media.

Here’s the harsh reality:

They couldn’t care less and if they do they think you’ll be back on your bullshit soon enough.

Maybe you disagree and that’s fine.

Keep on posting whatever you think is going to get the most envys  likes and enjoy the artificial attention you receive.

But if you see where I’m coming from- don’t leave me alone in this.

The problem is not social media.

The problem is how you use it.


P.S- Just something to think about












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