Pet Peeve; Names

There are a lot of ┬ábasic get to know you questions that take place in every college class (barring there’s 300 kids in it). Most people reading this probably understand what I’m talking about; things like “What’s your major?” “What year are you in? “Why are you not clicking, exiting out, and clicking again on every NNNN post?”

You know- things like that.

But there’s one question that I always pay particular attention to:

“What is your name/what do you like to be called?”

It’s a great question to be asked and probably the most important one as well. You would think that people give the slightest care about what they are going to be called for the next 4 months, right? Not always- and it drives me crazy.

In my humblest arrogant opinion, anyone who replies to the question of “What do you prefer to be called?” with “Doesn’t matter” should be treated as such by the whole class:

“What do you like to be called?”

Oh, it doesn’t matter to me- whatever is fine.”

Alright then, shithead it is!”


P.S- Go U ­čśö

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