NNNN Episode #25 with Yung Sapa and Co.


Had an awesome time interviewing Josef (A.KA- Yung Sapa) and his boys Billy (@prodby6illy) and Hazy (@hzy.music) about:

-How they got into music

-The challenges that up and coming artists face today

-And much much MUCH more






Intro Song:

Outro Song:

NNNN Episode #21 with Ryan Beaton

Had a great conversation with Ryan that hit on a myriad of topics including:

-His work covering UMass athletics

-Views on the journalism idustry

-Late night TV/Celebrity culture

and of course





I’ve Never Been a Poet

I’ve never been a poet

I’ve been one of the beasts on a field

And a red hot journalist

But certainly never a poet


I’ve had blue sky highs and rock bottom lows

I’ve made some new friends but held the old ones close

I’ve been embarrassed, happy, sad, and in between

But I’ve never been a poet


The hardest part for me is I want to be great

But I’d rather turn green before I imitate

I  just want to be me

To be funny and know it

If only I could express that

I’d call myself a poet


I’ve always been a writer 

And prefer handwritten over computer

My black subject notebook   

Where an idea becomes the future

I think so often 

I wish I was a poet


I never want to be normal

A 9-5 is not for me

My dreams can’t go away 

Being blinded by a white sheet

Balance in life is everything

I can finally say I know it

I’ve been through a lot

But I’ve never been a poet





A Poem

By Nicole Bates Instagram: @nicolebates_

“Truth is like poetry and most people fucking hate poetry.”

The Big Short


Poetry is shit.

What’s the point of Poetry anyways?

Is Poetry saving lives?

Is Poetry ending climate change

And giving education to all?


But, wait, “what is this?” you ask.

“What is this you’re writing?”

“Is this not a Poem?”

Fuck, no!

This, is not a Poem.


You won’t catch me wasting my time with a Poem.

Like I said, who needs a Poem?

When I’m sick, I don’t go to the Poet to cure me.

There’s nothing a Poem has ever done for me.

No one really likes Poetry.


People pretend to like Poetry.

That’s all.

People like to seem “cultured” and “refined,”

And what better way to be “cultured” and “refined”

Than talking about Poems.


I will not stand for all that pansy Poem crap.

Poem, poem, poem,

Say it a few times, it starts to sound crazy.

It’s just a bunch of crazy Poets, writing crazy Poems

For crazy people to talk about meanings that aren’t there.


No, a Poem is never going to solve your problems.

So, stop trying to carve them apart to find the “heart”

This isn’t Thanksgiving dinner.

Those Poets, they’re fooling you.

It’s all one big joke, and you’re the ass.


You want to know the truth?

All those people talking about Poems,

Writing about Poems,

They’re bullshitting you.

They don’t understand it, and neither do you.


You’re still reading?

You kept reading this far?

Well, looks like I got you.

You fucking hate Poems?

Then why did you read to the end of this one?



NNNN Episode #20

Great conversation with Rodney talking about the highs and lows of his journey in radio so far.

Enjoy (And share with a friend if you like it):