The One About ~Rejection~

By Kate Devine

Oh that bittersweet feeling.

Everyone has experienced a stinging sense of rejection at some point in their life. Whether you come from being a big fish in a little pond to a little fish in a big pond, or even if you have always been the little fish, everyone faces rejection.

And it still sucks every time.

The girl you met last Saturday left you on ‘read’, your fantasy team just keeps on losing, or you just dropped a FAT 60% on your Biostats quiz (wait, just me? okay, moving on).Rejection is an unfriendly reminder that you are not always the shit. It’s also a funny thing in that it affects all of us differently. Some of us overcompensate in the face of rejection while others stop trying completely.

How do I handle rejection you may ask? Well I’ll tell you what I definitely don’t do. I absolutely do not act like a six-year-old and cope through whining, complaining, and maybe even shedding a few tears.

How completely immature! I can’t relate whatsoever!

If you are like me and came into college still riding your high-horse of self-esteem built upon your high school experience, you definitely got a reality check within the first week. It has you reacquaint yourself with the uncomfortable and urges you to reconstruct what is actually important to you. You get knocked down a few pegs by being thrust into the whirlwind of college classes, new friend groups, and meeting your archenemy-  FOMO (FOMO can be translated to ‘Fear of Missing Out’ {for all you horse-and-buggy folks}).

You eventually put yourself into a mentality of not feeling ‘good enough’ since all the things that came easy to you in high school just don’t anymore. Entering my sophomore year, I was quick to learn that the same rings true for the next year as well! And eventually what I’ve realized is that this will be a recurring theme throughout my entire life.

Because let’s face it:

-We all deal with rejection.

-We all will continue to face rejection.

-It’s just a matter of life.

Now that we know we will be experiencing rejection in its many shapes and sizes for the rest of our lives- what good does it do for us to hate it?

Think of it this way:

Next time I get my Stats quiz back and I’m staring at an unfortunate grade (which we can all agree is bound to happen again soon) is it easier to whine, curse the professor out, and feel sorry for myself or rather to take it as an opportunity to learn and grow?

What good is it holding on to that negativity?

If you are reading this right now wallowing in your own sorrows- cut it out! Say thank you to your rejection. It helped you learn, it helped you grow, and it made you more self-aware. And hey, it’s healthy to be knocked down a couple times because it makes the come-up that much better.

So, whether you’re the big fish, little fish, or whatever down on your luck creature, know that there’s a point to all of this.

It’s bigger than us; and we have so much to learn.


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