Should I Believe in Social Darwinism?

Even if you sleepwalked through every biology class you ever took I find it nearly impossible that you’ve never heard the phrase:

“Survival of the Fittest”

It’s a phrase that was tied to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution that those with the best traits for reproduction success (sex…nice) will be the ones who survive and carry on the species going forward.

That is pretty much a universally accepted belief because it makes sense. Those who have all the desirable traits to reproduce are going to be the ones who continue to live generation to generation and those who don’t will slowly fade away.

But somewhere along the way people decided to add a word before “Darwinism”.

Social Darwinism

What’s that?

The theory that individuals, groups, and peoples are subject to the same Darwinian laws of natural selection as plants and animals.

Well Pat, that doesn’t seem like a crazy belief. Is it so wrong to think that the most qualified and skilled people will inevitably rise to the top of their profession and start to accumulate wealth? Sounds like you’re getting a little too woke again.

Imagine this:

There are two children who decide to play baseball for the first time ever. Considering neither of them have ever played before, let’s assume they have equal skills at the game.

On paper this is fair.

If only the world were that simple.

There is a big difference I forgot to mention about these two children.

The parents of child #1 have accumulated massive amounts of wealth and are able to provide private lessons, the best available equipment, as well as total emotional support along the way.

The parents of child #2 come from a low-income background despite both parents working full-time. They can only afford low level equipment and make it to a couple games a season due to their demanding work schedule.

When child #1 inevitably achieves greater success playing baseball than child #2 should this be viewed as:

-“Survival of the fittest”


“Survival of the most wealth and resources”

Alright Pat, I get where you’re coming from. But life is not fair- get over it.

I completely agree; life is not fair.

Let’s stop acting like it is.








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