Happy Halloween

By: Jake Sockett Twitter: @SockettJake Instagram: @jake.sockett

The day is almost upon us. You can smell it in the air, see it in the leaves, and boy can you see it on my face. We wait around all year for this day. It’s what drives us to get through the first half of a fall semester and tides us over to Christmas. For some people, this day means more than the birth of their first-born child.

November 1st.

The day all these fucking Halloween zealots return to their god-forsaken caves and have to stop talking about “#spookyszn!!!”

I like Halloween. I like an excuse to dress in costumes and do accents and generally act in a way that is contradictory to my normal life. What I don’t like are the people who blow up my Twitter with skeleton gifs and horror makeup tutorials as soon as it drops below 65 degrees.

Maybe I just don’t get it. For me, the fun in Halloween is found in coming up with the costume, wearing the costume, going to a party of some kind, and I imagine when it is legal for one to do so, there is fun found in distancing oneself from sobriety as well (I would never do such heinous things). These things exist in October, but they are not the entirety of the month for me. There’s the NBA coming back, there’s a long weekend, and there’s birthdays for some loved ones.

On the other hand, those cretins allow their entire personage to be consumed by the #spookyszn. Where does the fun come from for them? I refuse to believe an entire month could be spent thinking of costumes, even during years like this one where someone dedicated to their craft could conceivably do 6 different costumes. I can only assume these fanatics sit at home all day listening to the monster mash (which is now stuck in my head, fucking bullshit).

I don’t know- call me a cynic. Maybe I don’t get into Halloween as much since my dog was put down on Halloween two years ago or maybe I’m just an asshole (if you’ve been paying any attention, it’s the latter).


Editor’s Note:

Sorry about the dog Jake…let’s get spooky everyone!


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