Songs from Tik Tok You Should Actually Be Listening To

By: Emily Beatty Instagram: @emilyhbeatty Twitter: @emilyhbeatty

Tik Tok has become a cultural phenomenon for our generation. Everyone from ages 5 to 35 has seen a Tik Tok within the last 6 months, whether it was on the app’s ‘For You’ page, trending on Twitter, or on your favorite meme page’s Instagram. This addictive app is the best thing since Vine, and you cannot change my fucking mind. I get that a ton of the sounds and dances are super cringe-worthy, but there are songs that are actually stupid good. These are my top 10 Tik Tok trend songs that you should actually be listening to.

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I believe I was introduced to Joji at some point last spring, and his album BALLADS 1 is one of my favorite albums from this past year. This song fucking s l a p s. It’s an older Tik Tok trend, but this song was used as a sound for the Circle Challenge, where Tik Tok-ers would spin in a circle on the ground without using their arms or legs. This trend was stupid, mainly because I still don’t know how they did it. The song though? Still amazing, and still one of my favorites from this past year.

Track 2: Chanel by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is a God and a musical genius, and the fact that he is dropping new music right now? I’m literally praying that he releases a new album before the year is over. “Chanel” was a single Ocean dropped back in 2017, not long after Blonde, which was only his second album. On Tik Tok, Ocean’s track is usually seen paired with “American Boy” and is either a dance or a glow-up of some sort. It’s also used in the “Choose Your Player” format. I love the song so so much, but honestly sometimes when I listen I genuinely wish the original had the bass beats that the Tik Tok version does, oops.

Track 3: Buttercup by Jack Stauber

I originally wanted Stauber’s “Coffee” on this list (another popular sound on the app) but it wasn’t available on Spotify so I chose “Buttercup” instead. The sound is still really good, and Stauber creates some very weird YouTube videos, but the sounds he produces with them are actually all great songs. He writes, records and produces all of his own work, and we support small and underground artists on this page. If you are interested in the creepy and weird, and want to check out more of Stauber’s stuff, click here to visit his YouTube page.

Track 4: 20 min – Chopped and Screwed by Lil Uzi Vert, Remixed by DJ Purpberry

Okay, this is an unpopular opinion, but I personally hate Lil Uzi Vert*. I think he’s mediocre at best and completely overrated. However, this remix by DJ Purpberry is really fucking good. It’s a bop and a half, and I love the Tik Toks that come with it because they’re usually really funny. Anyways, I’m not saying Lil Uzi is good (because he’s not), but this song might be an exception.

Track 5: Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit

So, this track is mainly a mellow instrumental, but it is most definitely worth a listen. I am a huge fan of deep instruments and bass guitar, and this song has them. The compilation of the bass, the high/distorted simple sounds, and the synth beats is just so chill, and it’s a great lo-fi song to listen to while doing homework or reading. The song is usually used when Tik Tok-ers are bragging about the gorgeous places they live in/have travelled to. I love these videos, I’m a sucker for anything that’s pretty to look at.

Track 6: we fell in love in october by girl in red

I loved this song so much it actually made my November 2019 playlist (article coming after Thanksgiving!). girl in red is a band that I have been following since their named popped up in my recommended tracks. They’re super talented, and I really love the indie pop vibe that they’re pulling off. The lyrics for this song are very catchy and the synth is heavy, leaving this song to be a bit more on the Top 40/Pop side, however, the electric bass guitar and easy drums partnered with the raspy singing brings the folk-y tones back out. This song is usually seen in the “POV: you see me at a party and remember why we broke up” Tik Toks, and those never fail to get me to laugh, if I’m being honest.

Track 7: PRIDE. by Kendrick Lamar

This is a song off of one of the best Hip Hop/Rap albums of the past five years. If you read my last article, you know it’s not my genre of choice. I respect the music, and I definitely listen to a decent amount but it’s just not my favorite style. I can’t vibe with it 24/7. However, this song? I’ll listen to it at any given time on any given day. It’s a masterpiece. I honestly feel this way about the whole album. It’s a work of art. The Tik Tok community really only uses the intro to this song (their loss), and the videos themselves are alright. (I couldn’t find a Tik Tok with this sound so pls enjoy this relatable substitute)

Track 8: The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala

I don’t fucking care if you don’t like Indie/Alt. I. Don’t. Fucking. Care. Go and get your AirPods, or your Beats, or your cheap-ass headphones that still have wires, and listen to this song. Tame Impala is a music project produced and performed by psychedelic rock wizard Kevin Parker. He’s a god. All of Tame Impala’s songs are amazing, and you should be listening if you’re not already. As for the Tik Tok side, who gives a fuck, it’s the song that matters.

Track 9: I Don’t Want the Juul by DEL

So, this song has a special place in my heart because I actually know the guy who wrote and performed it. His name is Joey and he starred in a show at Suffolk with his band and he is so so talented. He made a Tik Tok with his own song as the sound and it actually popped up on my “For You” page. I was super surprised. Since then, there have been a bunch of people who made their own versions of the video. This song is super funny, very relatable, and overall a really great listen. It’s upbeat but mellow, and has some very dope 80s/90s electro vibes.

Track 10: Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by AIIVAWN

This is a remix/remake of a classic song commonly associated with Heath Ledger’s stint in “10 Things I Hate About You” (the most superior chick flick, sorry Notebook fans). This remix is really insane. I’ve listened to it a few times and at this point I really might prefer it to the original. Its mellow beats are such a good replacement for the marching band-style heard in the Frankie Valli version. And the added alto saxophone? It’s a great way to incorporate the original brass and jazz sounds, too. I unfortunately couldn’t find it on Spotify, but I’ll link the YouTube video here for you guys. The Tik Toks seen with this sound are more often than not thirst traps or glo-ups, and I hate them, but the song is good so… oh well!


Editor’s Note: Hate is a strong word Emily- tsk tsk! Otherwise nice list.

Stop Hating Teenage Girls for Literally Just Existing

By Kate Devine Twitter: @katiedevinee Instagram: @katedevinee

If you know me, you know that I love TikTok.

That silly little app brings me joy like no other. 

But recently every time I scroll through the ‘For You Page’ my blood starts to boil. Today, specifically, I am mad. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, we are born and bred in a society that systematically hates women (I’m jumping right into it today, folks). I’m beginning to see this idea being perpetuated all throughout my social media, so I’ve taken it upon myself to deliver a Public Service Announcement that should NOT need to be a Public Service Announcement:

Stop hating teenage girls. 

What a concept! Seeing that statement at first glance seems obvious, doesn’t it? Not hating a group of people seems pretty easy, right? Well, for some, this is an inconceivable task.

(Just a forewarning, if you are not familiar with social media figures, it might be more understandable if you take a quick Google search of the following names and trends.)

When opening any social media app, you are bound to find some material regarding VSCO girls. Who are these girls, you may be wondering? Urban Dictionary defines VSCO girls as “those basic bitches, mostly freshmen, who claim (their) messy buns are effortless, wear an additional four scrunchies on their wrists with no intention of putting them in their hair, tube tops, shell necklaces, Birkenstocks, and of course an oversized hydro flask because #stayhydrated.” How dare these girls wear Birkenstocks and use reusable water bottles! The only logical remedy to this disgusting epidemic is cyberbullying obviously!

No one has a right to publicly criticize someone for not being original. Who gets to decide what is original and what is not?*

Point blank- the hate against VSCO girls is not about basicness vs originality. It is about teen girls existing in a way that we don’t want them to.

The real problem here is not the VSCO girls, it is the people who think they have a right to dictate how girls should act.

I understand if right now you’re thinking; Jesus Kate, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? To answer your question, I guess I have been waking up on this side of the bed my whole life and am just starting to realize it.

Teen girls are going to be penalized no matter what they do, no matter how they behave. The VSCO girls trend isn’t the only place where we see this bullshit of hating girls for being themselves; it’s a trend throughout all social networks.

Let’s take Kenzie Ziegler and Jojo Siwa for example.

Do these names sound familiar? If you remember the iconic reality show of our childhood “Dance Moms” then you know that these girls have been in the public eye since they were children. At roughly the same age, these young women have built somewhat of an empire in the social media industry. Apparently, this permits us to critique everything about them.

A classic example of our society trying to have teenage girls conform to their ideologies of a perfect girl is the classic phrase, “She should act her age.”

Excuse me while I go vomit. 

JoJo Siwa is sixteen years old and never ceases to wear a high ponytail with a not-so-subtle bow at the top. Everything she wears and owns is brightly multi-colored and most likely bedazzled. She’s content with her choices, because they make her happy. However, she is constantly ridiculed for ‘not acting her own age’.

On the other end of the spectrum is Kenzie Ziegler, a fifteen-year-old whose Instagram depicts her sporting cute swimsuits and modeling the trendy poses we see throughout our feed. And yet again, she is told to ‘act her age’.

Imagine how much more productive your day would be if you stopped hating teenage girls for being happy/confident and if you stopped hating teenage girls for merely existing? Or is that exactly what as a society we don’t like to see? (Tough pill to swallow, but… swallow it.)

These social media influencers have spent the majority of their childhood in the limelight. I want you to take a second, and think about everything you have done between the age of 12 to the present day.

Now imagine if you had millions of people watching you- scrutinizing your every move.

Yikes, right?

It may seem like the “harmless” ridicule of young women online is all fun and games, but it doesn’t take a genius to understand that there is a person behind the screen.

For the people reading this thinking that social media is the problem:

Social media isn’t toxic buddy**- you are.

I also find it necessary to comment on the fact that the social media figures I talk about in this piece are white and wealthy. So just imagine the backlash people face who don’t conform to these factors. The hate against VSCO girls (and teenage girls in general) only offer us a mere glimpse of what marginalized communities in our world face every single day. Eliminate these stereotypes and think for yourself. Realize that assigning negativity to someone’s existence is all kinds of f-ed up.

The essence of what I’m trying to say is that next time you go on TikTok (or any form of social media for that matter) and you see a teen girl not “acting her age”- don’t be an asshole.

And let kids be kids.


Editor’s Note:

*- Unless you steal tweets/jokes- then you’re an unoriginal piece of shit.

**- Not even directed at me and I’m feeling #triggered

I’m ALL in on TikTok

Trust me; I can’t believe it either.

The only things I knew (or thought I knew) before diving head first into the wild wild west of the internet were that it was an app that had spawned a couple viral tweets on Twitter and that it was a fan favorite amongst the 5-13 year-old demographic.

I had been a skeptic ever since my little brother (13 Y.O) first showed me the content that him and his friends had been cooking up along with the types of videos that were becoming wildly popular. To be entirely frank? It seemed stupid and unfunny to me.

But recently when I was listening to the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk (yes, you read that right- Gary Vee) deliver a Q & A regarding media to keep an eye on in the near future I was shocked to hear his #1 selection to start learning:


Despite all the tweets surrounding its users being {and I quote} “crackheads”, the app itself makes a whole lot of sense and it all starts with the algorithm (don’t get bogged down in that fancy word you learned half paying attention to in your high school calculus class and let me put this into layman’s terms).

Unlike the other social media apps currently available (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) TikTok puts far less emphasis on followers and far more emphasis on content.

To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at my first attempt/experiment the other day:

This video got over 100 views on the app despite me having a grand total of zero followers. The reason for this is that TikTok actually gives a shit about hashtags. I threw in #work #corporate #corporatelife with no other research into the app and sure enough the video got some traction.

You might be thinking “Dude, you got a little over a hundred views on a mediocre comedy bit- relax” which is fair reasonable but I was astounded that someone just joining the app can already reach an (albeit small) audience.

I’m not saying I want to be a TikTok star or anything along the lines of that but it seems like a fantastic and free way to put yourself out there. Whether the point of putting yourself out there is to share your content tailored for the app or to promote your minuscule  tiny up and coming podcast- is up to you.

So that’s my take, I know most of you reading this are probably skeptical to say the least (which is totally understandable) but whether you want to recognize it or not TikTok is the fastest growing app in the world with now over 500 million (with a “M”) users worldwide and the other mediums are struggling to play catch up with an app that puts content over celebrity.

So channel your inner “crackhead” and hop on the bandwagon with me.