NNNN Episode 12 (The Minutemen are Going to the National Championship)


Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get into the studio to talk about the Minutemen winning their semifinal matchup against Denver.

Also included:

(0-16:35) GREAT interview with UMass cheerleader Elena Pacheco


(16:35-24:07) UMass vs. Denver semifinal recap and thoughts (Pure electricity)

(24:07-26:47) The meltdown of the Los Angeles Lakers (Magic Johnson…GONE)

(26:47-32:04) Bruins/Celtics banter (No worries)

(32:04-36:35) March Madness Championship recap (Did Texas Tech get hosed?)

(36:35-38:52) Antonio Brown’s recent PR (I think my services are needed)

(38:52-45:00) Thoughts on “It looks good on a resume!”, “I’m so tired.”, “Is _____ gonna be on the test?” (Needed to blow off some steam)

(45:00-end) “Things We Learned” (I address the allegations of  losing 1 v. 1 to a kid in jeans {I did})




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